Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math
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Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math


There are many advantages of digital in the education industry. Online classes have thus become the need of the hour for students worldwide. Online classes offer flexibility, and many academic opportunities, such as studying from anywhere for an affordable fee will save time and money. There are many advantages of studying online. Students can enjoy the benefits of online classes but may not be able to attend traditional classes due to various reasons. They can practice whenever they want in the online class. Here, you can understand many important things about studying online.


The Reading Time

About taking your Class 12 Maths exam and figuring out where to start? There are many ways to prepare for the Intermediate exam, and you can start and study smarter now. Scoring high in Class 12 Mathematics paves the way to a reputed engineering college. It also sharpens your reasoning and logic skills, which will help you score good entrance exam scores for any field of study. However, practice is the magic word that opens the door to mathematics. What is the best way to practice? How to stay focused and achieve excellence in mathematics? Many students need more motivation to beat their best scores or abandon challenging work late into the night. It doesn’t have to be that way, and here are several things you should know about the Class 12 Mathematics exam.

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math

Early Birds Will Receive Rewards

Intermediate Math is the final step before you move on to the more complex math of Calculus, linear algebra, and abstract mathematics. This milestone must be worth working towards. Students who like ideas must have fun studying mathematics, including finding coordinates and sets. Whether on the receiving end or looking for a way to cope, you must start searching for ideas. Set a challenge, get help, and practice; you must do this in a loop. Remember, save time when class 12 starts. It would help to study your subjects every minute, forgetting the best result.

Understand, Not Memorize

Each chapter starts with some definitions; for example, when you start with functions and limits, you will see definitions of the independent and dependent variables. You will need to understand the definition, but not all of it. You must learn how to apply this understanding to the following examples and questions. Mathematics for Class 12 is based primarily on practice. There are two ways you can increase your practice. They are

  • Download related questions from the internet and solve them.
  • Access premium online math questions and answers at Educational websites.

Access Maths solved class 12 questions can be found online or purchased from local bookstores. Mathematics for Class 12 is best understood with a tutor with the expertise to understand your concerns. 

Take Class 12 Math Notes

There are many ways to take notes in your math class. Which style do you like? The old-school notebook is a time-tested old-school style. You write and graph while the teacher solves problems. This is a great way to take notes in class. But it might not help after school or while you’re testing yourself. Cornell Method will divide your notebook page into three sections. In the first section, you will write your keywords; in the middle, you will write your teacher’s points or tasks. In the third section, you will write your summary after class or while preparing. Teacher slides as notes of Maths for Class 12 Notes; you can also use your teacher’s slides as notes. 

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math

Dig In To Solve Class 12 Math Problems

Students often encounter challenging problems in some chapters, especially linear inequality, Conic Section, and Vector. Do you need help with a specific chapter or topic and are looking for Class 12 Maths Solutions? It is always better to ask for suggestions in solution format. But make sure you maintain the basic principles of understanding. It needs to be memorization. You can check the solution with your teacher or friend. If you’re not having any luck, you can check it in any educational app. whenever you open the class page, you will see a message.

Mathematics Olympiad Class 12

You can continuously challenge yourself in math. It not only helps you motivate yourself, but it will also help you develop a positive competitive edge. You can enter your college’s Mathematics Olympiad or learn about your regional competition. If there is little going on at college, you might even start the Olympics yourself with the help of like-minded friends. You can create great interest in mathematics among students around you. You can view the Maths Olympiad on any Educational website. It is a popular feature among students, and everyone is waiting for the next Olympics to be broadcast live.

The Paper Format

Board exams require you to study a specific topic format. You will need to check the exact format with your specific board. However, the exam generally has 29 questions, and the time allowed is 3 hours. There are several sections of papers:

  • Category A – Very short answer (1 point each)
  • Section B – Short answers (2 points each)
  • Section C – Long Answer Type 1 (4 points each)
  • Section D – Long Answer Type II (6 points each)
  • Educational Services – Free Quality Learning


Tuition is an additional cost on top of basic college fees. It can hinder your spirit to learn and participate in education truly. The solution is to look at free resources and videos online that can help. You may be prompted to purchase access to multiple chapters; in that case, you can look for scholarships

Get Maths Guide for Class 12

You can buy math guides at your local bookstore or order them online. Math manuals are a practical way to teach yourself. However, DIY techniques may not work well with some topics that must be addressed. You may find yourself conflicted when looking at these chapters in Maths Guide for Class 12 will teach you the Functions and limits, differences, Integration, analytic geometry, and Mathematics in the app. If you still have questions and the guide cannot talk to you, you need to talk to your teacher or ask a friend. You can check out various online resources also.

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 12 Students Math

Great Teachers and Friends to Study With

Your educational journey can be an invaluable experience. What better way to do that than to learn from the best in their profession? Providing you with leading experts in their fields, many Academy offers only teachers who aim to spark the best in you. Using the app, you can access recordings of teachers’ first few classes for free. You can interact with teachers in real time on group message boards or class chats. Would you like to be there too? Social learning is at the forefront of educational research. Educators are committed to creating software that bridges the gap between online and in-person learning. There is more flexibility in online learning. But what can replace happy moments with friends and teachers? Social learning fills the gap with every interaction that can be crossed. 


It is much easier to learn math online, where you can clearly understand the class 12 examinations. There are many advantages of saving time, physical moment, and travel tension. You can take online classes in your home with a comfortable space during your leisure time. You need not travel for a long distance for a longer time. These online classes will also improve your confidence and concentration.

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