Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 10 Students English

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 10 Students English
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Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 10 Students English


As English is a language and theory subject, it is often left as the last subject while preparing for CBSE Class 10. However, students cannot learn the basics by reading textbooks in the last few days of the exam. This subject requires reading, writing, speaking, and listening, so prepare for the exam well in advance. To help students in the same matter, they have prepared some tips for the Class 10 CBSE English exam if students plan strategically a few months before the exam. They will be able to score good marks in exams with less effort. CBSE Class 10 exam preparation tips for English also help students know the pattern, important books, and syllabus.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for English:

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam is quite easy with proper CBSE Class 10 preparation tips for English. Students should start with the basics of the CBSE English exam preparation tips provided and follow the same tips to score high scores.

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 10 Students English


Exam Format and Syllabus:

To prepare for CBSE Class 10 English, students should know the exam pattern and CBSE English syllabus of the Class 10 board exam to make a study schedule. The format helps to know the exam’s distribution of marks and weightage. The CBSE Class 10 syllabus has important topics and chapters that students should complete in order of importance. It is one of the most important CBSE Class 10 English preparation tips. An English paper consists of 4 parts. All parts have almost the same markings and weight. So, regarding how to score good marks in CBSE 10 English class, equal importance should be given to all sections.

CBSE Class 10 English Course:

Students must follow the prescribed NCERT Class 10 English syllabus. Each topic should be included. It mentions sectional weight, number, and type of questions asked. Students can download the syllabus in PDF format from the link provided above.

Follow The Appropriate Book For CBSE Class 10 English.

NCERT books are the most important books to be completed for the CBSE board exam. Students can choose additional reference books for English that can be used to practice more questions and topics. Below is a list of some famous books.

  • Reference book for CBSE Class 10 English
  • Together with English for Class X
  • CBSE English Communication for Class 10 by Full Score
  • BBC English for Class X

Practice Regularly:

Reading novels, newspapers, and other informative magazines can help students develop reading habits. This habit helps students improve their reading and writing skills and vocabulary development. Moreover, learners will understand and learn the proper use of Tense. It is one of the easiest CBSE Class 10 English preparation tips.

Edit Last Year’s Documents Or Sample Documents:

Try solving the CBSE Class 10 sample exams to know more about the question types, exam patterns, and syllabus. This will also help you deal with the difficulty level of the questions. Solving previous question papers helps students get familiar with the actual questions, and this way, they will know how to score good marks in English.

Things to know: Online Board Exam Preparation Classes for Class 10 Students English


Time Management:

It is one of the most important CBSE Class 10 preparation tips for English. This helps in writing questions on time and saves time on proofreading. Try to use time management techniques while taking the test. You must read and understand the questions completely. Then, move on to the answer, which is one of the best CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam Tips.

Stay Focused And Healthy:

Tracking and completing everything requires focus, so students must avoid many things. Applicants should avoid social media and focus on their studies. This, along with regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, can help keep the body strong, and these are some important tips to prepare for CBSE Class 10 English.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips Section By Section:

There are four sections in the CBSE Class 10 English question paper. Each section is separated according to the level of difficulty. The best way is to solve more and more questions to grab the highest score. Below, they have given some tips for preparing for CBSE Class 10 for English.

  • Grammar Section: Strengthening the basic concepts can be helpful in this section. Practice your grammar regularly and use good books. A book to ask questions is necessary to analyze your answers to correct and learn from your mistakes.
  • Writing Section: Writing the current topic helps in this section and will also improve their grammatical errors. Additionally, students should manage their time while improving their grammar, practicing writing skills, and working on the format for every topic to get the highest score.
  • Reading Section: It is one of the highest-scoring sections of the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam Tips. It requires less effort, and students can score good marks easily.

CBSE 10th English Preparation:

  • Reading novels, newspapers, and science fiction improves your English and helps you prepare for exams.
  • Keep an eye on word limits and word syntax. Practice writing letters, applications, and speeches to understand the format correctly.
  • Reading skills Grammar writing skills have a total weight of 50 points and require additional practice.
  • To cover English Semester 1 and English Semester 2 Course 10, follow the best grammar books, know the rules, and practice a maximum number of questions.
  • Practice reading unseen passages, as they get many points and require little effort.
  • Consider the literature carefully because it consists of analytical questions and content.


  • Preparation tips practicing by writing all your answers will help you analyze grammar and spelling errors and help to improve those errors. 
  • You have to read the script aloud. Doing this will not only help you remember the answers and key points. But it also helps you understand the language more clearly.
  • Try to write about trending topics in the news because it will help you improve your writing style and learn new vocabulary.
  • Reading every poem and chapter at least once and answering all the questions at the end of the chapter/poetry is important.
  • You had to solve previous year’s question papers/sample questions to familiarize yourself with the questioning pattern and to be able to identify your weak points.

Follow The Things Before Examinations:

  • Always time yourself while answering the sample exams because it will help you manage your time during the exam.
  • Also, finish reading the chapters you can easily understand, as this will boost your confidence for writing the exams.
  • Read the NCERT book regularly, as the CBSE board exam question papers are completely based on this book for examinations.
  • Don’t start a new chapter/topic at the last minute. It is better to revise topics/chapters that you have already completed.
  • Writing, reading, listening, and speaking is the best way to practice a language. It would be best to aim to enjoy, and your rating goals will automatically come true.


While preparing for the examination, every student must remember the points mentioned earlier. These tips will be more useful for the students during their English examinations. They can score more marks easily without any tension. You can write me an online written test for practice. This will make your memory power-polished for your mind.

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