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Build a Strong and Early Foundation for Enhanced Learning Experiences

Whether you want to enhance your child’s reading abilities or love for numbers, our foundational courses will help accomplish your goals.

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Better learning habits and improved confidence with strong foundational courses

Kids either struggle with school readiness early in formal education or the transition to the next class. It could be academics, social abilities or inherent anxieties. With the right skills and strong backing, each child can grow more confident.

The foundational numeracy and literacy skills at eKal Academy will improve their relationship with numbers and words. Each lesson is planned to build a strong foundation so that your child can grow from there. 

We help them understand their abilities, work on their weaknesses and create assessments to realize their inherent abilities. 

With real-life skills and mentor guidance, we assure holistic learning from the comfort of your home.

Our Courses


A comprehensive program focused on building young minds. Get a free demo before investing in the kit.

Prepare your child for academic success with the best mentors and personalized courses.


Choose the Grade or Age Group


Class 1

Build confidence, make them more aware and reduce anxieties to ensure they are ready for formal school life.


Class 2

All the practice tests, live classes and help you need to gain maximum scores to clear your 10th-grade boards.


Class 3

Foundational courses at the click of a mouse to help them read well and foster a strong relationship with numbers.


Class 4

Give your child confidence and independence with the foundational numeracy literacy courses and life skill learning.


Class 5

Prepare your child for a smooth transition to middle school with apt foundational abilities and life skills that extend holistic development.

Choose Your Course


Life Skills

Informative, engaging and self-paced videos that help your child gain basic hygiene, and self-care skills that are essential for them.


Foundational Numeracy

Giving conceptual clarity of arithmetic concepts that can help them enjoy the subject, learn faster and solve the problems quickly.


Foundational Literacy

Take your kids to the imaginary world of stories, give them the magic wand of vocabulary and help them learn basic literacy skills.


Invest in Transforming Your Kids into Independent Thinkers

Success Stories From Our Students

Learned a new dance form, the online platform was good & the teacher was also very good, looking forward to joining next dance course”

Drishti Ranjan

Enjoyed the Block-Based Coding Course on ekal Platform, Leamt new coding logics & was able to create a live project. The teacher was very interactive & engaging, I would be happy to join the advanced Coding Course on ekal Platform

Aaron Thomas

Higher Secondary academics clear fundamentals, depth of understanding of concepts and continuous practice. Given this scenario, an organized refresher coaching program by school teachers makes a huge difference for students. 

Kavya Lyer



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