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Fun Ways to Enhance Early Language and Literacy

Promoting language and literacy to boost your preschooler’s vocabulary and help the achieve language milestones.

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Pre-primary CLL

Activity-based learning solutions to enhance language development

Language is an integral part of cognitive and creative development. However, a lot of kids end up not being interested in reading or writing at this age. Our learning kits can help you in struggle to enhance language development 

The communication language and literacy solutions is complete with learning outcomes, gamified assessments and a lot of interactive sheets. Your child will gain a solid foundation in phonics, and enhance their ability to express with our extensive learning kits.

Hands-on activities and a lot of interactive play will keep your little one occupied and happy too. What more, you will get them reading books and writing letters before you know it. 

Pre-primary CLL
Pre-primary CLL

A comprehensive program focused on building young minds. Get a free demo before investing in the kit.

Make early language development fun and engaging.

Choose your Class

Pre-primary CLL


Introducing letters, letter sounds and writing to enhance your foundation in communication literacy

Pre-primary CLL

Junior KG

Move to blended sounds, enhance listening skills and enhance vocabulary using interactive activities


Senior KG

Interactive activities that promote writing, enhance vocabulary skills and take phonics to the next best level.

Choose Your Course

Pre-primary CLL

Communication Language and Literacy

Defined, well-researched, and age-appropriate modules to improve speaking, reading and writing abilities in the pre-schooler,

Pre-primary CLL

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Lots of learning material, interactive solutions, game-based assessments and rewards for solving them.

Pre-primary CLL

Mathematical Development

Lots of learning materials, interactive solutions, game-based assessments, and rewards for solving them.

Pre-primary CLL

Enhance Writing and Reading Skills in Preschoolers

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Learned a new dance form, the online platform was good & the teacher was also very good, looking forward to joining next dance course”

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Enjoyed the Block-Based Coding Course on ekal Platform, Leamt new coding logics & was able to create a live project. The teacher was very interactive & engaging, I would be happy to join the advanced Coding Course on ekal Platform

Aaron Thomas

Higher Secondary academics clear fundamentals, depth of understanding of concepts and continuous practice. Given this scenario, an organized refresher coaching program by school teachers makes a huge difference for students. 

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Pre-primary CLL


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Pre-primary CLL