List of career opportunities after 12th in humanities

List of career opportunities after 12th in humanities
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List of career opportunities after 12th in humanities


There will always be lots of career options after 12th for humanities students. But you should know what will suit you the best because creating a successful and financially stable career for yourself is your responsibility. You should focus on three things before choosing the right career option. 


Every career will have plenty of opportunities, but what matters is your talent and skill. You should know your strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and then you can figure out the best career choice after 12th in humanities for yourself.


Without knowing the list of job opportunities after 12th humanities, you can’t figure out which suits you best. So explore every option available, research deeply, ask your circle, and then take the final call.

Look at the market:

Whatever career you choose, it should be mentally and financially satisfactory. So learn from the market. Observe the trends, salaries, technological invasions, etc., to make an informed decision and determine which career paths for arts students after the 12th will suit you the best.

Top 8 career opportunities after 12th in Humanities: 

1. Psychologist:

As a Clinical Psychologist, your job is to diagnose and treat people with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. If you are a good listener, possess great communication skills, are filled with empathy, and love to solve others’ emotional complications, this career opportunity can be a good option. 

To become a clinical psychologist, you must do a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from any registered university in India. You need a license from the Rehabilitation Council of India to practice it in India. The criteria to get that is to complete an M.phil in clinical psychology or a professional diploma in clinical psychology. This is one of the highly paid but emotionally exhausting career paths for arts students after the 12th. 

2. Lawyer:

As a lawyer, you practice law and help people get their deserving rights and punish the criminals who try to take them away. To become a lawyer, you study bachelor’s degree in law and then complete the Master’s degree. There are a lot of different degrees, such as L.L.B., B.A.L.L.B., B.B.A.L.L.B., when it comes to bachelor’s degrees and L.L.M., L.L.M., L.L.M. Taxation law, L.L.M. International trade and business law for Master’s degree. So it is your choice to do any of those to be recognized as a lawyer. You should complete all of these degrees and additional certification courses (if you have done so) from accredited institutions of law certified by the Bar Council of India. To practice law in India, you must appear for the All India Bar Exam, clear it, get the license, and register as a lawyer in the Bar Council of India. 

To be a great lawyer, you need great argument, presentation, critical thinking, professionalism, exceptional research, and time management skills.

3. Mass communication:

Mass communication is one of the best career choices after 12th in humanities as it provides you with wider employment opportunities. After completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism and communication, you can get recruited in roles like content writer, reporter, business writer, P.R. executive,  T.V. anchor, technical writer, media strategist, editor, copy editor, etc. This career option opens a whole new world for you to choose from. If you want to know the recruiters,  you can get employed in digital media, print media, social media companies, advertising companies, influencer and celebrity industry, and the entertainment industry. So, it is wide and has many different, unique, and versatile roles. So choose yours.  

4. Hospitality professional:

To get into this career option, you must do a Bachelor’s and Master’s in hotel management from a recognized university in India. You can do that by clearing any entrance examination like W.B.J.E.E., UPSEE BHMCT, AIMA UGAT, etc., or on the merit system, or you can take direct admission.  After completing a degree in hotel management, here are some popular job profiles you can look into,

  • Director of housekeeping
  • Food and beverages director
  • Hotel manager
  • Event manager 
  • General manager
  • Front office manager 

You can get paid according to your experience, skills, and the company you work for. But hospitality as one of the career options after 12th for humanities students is a good option as it is well paid, has versatile roles, and provides a lucrative lifestyle.

5. Fashion designer:

After completing 12th from any stream with a minimum of 50%, you can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in fashion design or do a P.G. Diploma from a recognized college in India. Some good colleges have entrance examinations for fashion design courses there, like N.I.F.T., I.I.A.D., NID DAT, etc. Apart from these two popular courses, you can explore a lot of different degrees related to fashion design, like a Diploma in jewelry design or a diploma in fashion communication. 

If you want to know your skills to become a great fashion designer, you need creative thinking, fashion awareness, coping with trends, and good communication. 

After completing the degree, you can opt for the following job profiles: fashion blogger, fashion editor, textile designer, specific designer like jewelry, footwear, accessories, or even personal stylist. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most highly paid career options after 12th for humanities students. 

6. Human resource manager:

To become a human resource manager, you can pursue courses like BBA HRM, B.A.H.R.M., Diploma in H.R.M., Certificate in Human Resource Officer, etc. It will help if you add self-motivating skills, great communication, leadership ability, multi-tasking, and the obvious knowledge of Human resources to build a successful career as a human resource manager. Out of the huge list of job opportunities after 12th humanities, this can be a great option if you possess the required skills.

7. Graphic designer:

If you have an artistic calling, graphic designing can be a great meeting point for a career and passion for art. You can do various bachelor’s courses in graphic design and a master’s degree. But to become a graphic designer, formal

training in designing is optional. It just adds to your resume. i7

You need the right skills, like a unique approach, a different understanding of the same situation, creative thinking, and an artistic mind. You can start freelancing with companies, business owners, social media agencies,  and advertising companies. With the experience you gather and the skills you develop, you can take up a graphic designer post in whatever big companies and agencies you like.

8. Professor:

This is one of the simplest job opportunities after 12th for humanities students. You can do a bachelor’s degree in whatever subject you like and then complete the Master’s, MPhil, and PhD. In India, you need to clear examinations like N.E.T. to be eligible to become a lecturer. With experience, you gradually become a professor of that particular subject. Your main role is to teach university students and research various topics from your subject. This is a well-paid and respected career option after 12th in humanities and every stream.


You will spend the most amount of time in your workspace. So, the career you choose should be emotionally, mentally, and financially satisfying for you. Choose wisely.

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