Free Online Classes for Senior KG Students

Free Online Classes for Senior KG Students
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Free Online Classes for Senior KG Students


Senior kg is the class where students start structured study. So, it becomes more important to focus on what they study, where, and how they do it. As parents, it becomes your responsibility to let them have a nice exposure and experience when it comes to studying. 

In this post-COVID era, if you want to attend online classes for your senior kg kids, here is a guide article. Keep on reading.

Why are Online classes important for senior KG students? 


Variety teachers:

Senior kg students get structured education for the first time. So, they need several options when it comes to teachers. It will help them determine their preference and with which teacher they feel better. Because irrespective of the quality of education the teacher provides, it is important to connect with the teacher for an effective educational program. This becomes more important in the early years of education as they need to learn how to adapt to the different teaching styles of various teachers. So, through remote learning for senior KG students, they get a variety of teachers and have the luxury to choose the teacher they like.

Exploring new subject options:

Studying online has numerous benefits. Your kids can explore several subject options that are often less explored. Be it art, literature, and many forms of it, he will have the luxury to choose from those options. Despite learning age-old mathematics, English, and social science, he can also learn other subjects. We are not saying your kid should not learn those subjects, but he should also be able to choose different topics of interest.

Provides freedom of choosing their own time:

Children of senior kg are not disciplined, and education should be fun. So fixing their timetable can cause an unnecessary burden on them. That’s why taking online classes is better. Because it provides them the freedom of time, they can watch the videos whenever they want, they can do the homework whenever they want to do it, they can watch the classes on repeat, etc. This flexibility gives them less burden and makes it fun for them. They know that the classes are on their time, and this feeling increases their curiosity towards education. 

Helps in personalized education: 

In offline education, many students learn simultaneously, so giving personalized attention to anybody becomes impossible. But in online classes, you can curate the course according to your kids’ needs and give them the customized education they deserve. To ensure this personalized curation and attention by the teachers, you can take free online classes for senior kg kids first and then buy the course if satisfied. 

Cost reduction for parents:

In today’s world, taking care of the children’s expenses is difficult. And when it comes to senior kg, parents want the course to be lighter in their pocket. Online classes make it possible. Remote learning for senior kg students is way cheaper than offline classes without compromising the quality of education they get. Sometimes, you can get access to different course curriculums absolutely for free. Free online classes for senior kg kids are not a compromise on the quality; rather, it is a better way to taste the quality of any courses you want to buy for your kids.

Repeated access to materials: 

Kids need to watch the videos more than once to grasp it properly. Offline classes do not have that luxury. But in online classes, you can buy the course once and get the senior kg virtual learning for free for at least a year and at most for a lifetime. Your kids can watch it numerous times and ask doubts whenever they arise. This flexibility improves their clarity and creates a bond with education.

How do you choose the right online classes for senior KG students?  


Credibility of the course:

Before choosing the course, you should know who is creating it. Knowing the credibility of the online content your kid watches should be your utmost priority in online education. In the era of remote learning e-courses, there are a lot of courses and content for senior kg virtual learning for free. So it is easier to fall for those options. But as a parent, choosing the right content for your kid is your duty. Research various courses, know the credibility and details of the course’s creator or content, and decide whether to let your kid learn from that source.

Quality of the content:

Next to the credibility comes the quality. Especially in the early years of education, it is easy to slip down with poor-quality educational content. As the kid knows nothing about their education, its quality, etc., it becomes your duty to choose a high-quality class or course for them. You can research online; there are plenty of courses, classes, and even free content. But it is your responsibility to figure out their quality and choose accordingly. 

In this online era, you will easily get poor-quality educational content, which can degrade your kids both educationally and morally. So take the responsibility and find a good quality course for your kids.


Students need to watch the educational videos repeatedly to capture them well. Access to the course should be your next priority when choosing the right online course for your kids. Once you buy the course, how many months or years will it be available to you should be the question. Ideally, it should be for a year at least.

Doubt clearance process:

Kids are curious by nature. So it is obvious that they will have thousands of doubts while learning the course. So before choosing one for them, you should be clear about the process of doubt clearing. You should know whether they will take daily doubts or weekly or if you need to make a special appointment for doubt clearance. This clarity will help you choose the right course for your kids. Daily doubt-clearing sessions after the classes should top your list of educational courses for senior kids as they tend to forget their doubts.

Support community:

Kids love to have friends. When their online courses have a support community of other students, it increases their attachment to the study, makes them more interested in learning, and helps them have fun. Also, your kids interact with other kids and explore friendships, which adds to their learning. They improve tremendously not only in terms of education but also in terms of moral improvements. 


As we have discussed previously, cost reduction for parents is a benefit of taking online classes for senior kg students. Every parent wants the online course fee for their senior kg kids to be easy on their pocket, so when choosing the right online course, the fee should be a criterion. If you feel the course creators charge more than they provide, go to the next option. However, the fee should be one of many criteria based on which you choose the course for your senior kg kids because by doing this, you may get poor quality education. After all the other important criteria mentioned above, it should be one of the last things you look at.


Your kids’ future depends on their education in the early years. So choose a good quality online course, pay attention to what they learn, and wholly take responsibility for their education.

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