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Class 9 : Science 1 Month
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July 7, 2023



Grade IX is where you work hard for scoring high and also focus on to how do better in your […]

Class 9 : Science  1 Month

Class 9 : Science 1 Month

10 Weeks
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Grade IX is where you work hard for scoring high and also focus on to how do better in your next grade which is X. We have designed this course which will help you to evaluate your interest and map out a path for yourself. 

The course will cover the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in a structured and comprehensive manner. Personalized learning will help them sort out all their doubts and queries is on go and thus clear the concepts. We will prepare the student to excel in their exams and score high in Science subjects. It will help improve the skills like Knowledge & Interpretation and Critical thinking & Application among the students.


Key Elements

  • Minimum 5 online scheduled classes.
  • Live Interactive sessions.
  • One Chapter will be taught in 1 month- whichever is being taught in the school as per the CBSE norms.
  • Chapter-wise assessment for checking learning outcomes.
  • Sample paper practice as per board examinations



  • Improvement in marks: We guarantee improvement in your scores after joining our Grade IX Science course. 
  • Mentoring by expert faculty: Our expert faculty will guide the student in every minor doubt regarding the subject. 
  • Post-course assistance: We will provide doubt-clearing sessions for our students in class and post-class.
  • Regular evaluation: We provide a detailed report of test analysis that will help you to know and rectify your flaws.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: Our instructors provide individual attention, address doubts, and provide additional support whenever required.



  • Matter – Its Nature and Behaviour 
  • Organization in the Living World 
  • Motion, Force, and Work 
  • Food; Food Production

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Class 9 : Science  1 Month
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