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Class 10 – Mathematics
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June 7, 2024

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Welcome to eKal Academy’s Grade 10 – Mathematics course! Grade 10 is the most important class, as this will help […]

Class 10 – Mathematics
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Class 10 – Mathematics

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Welcome to eKal Academy’s Grade 10 – Mathematics course! Grade 10 is the most important class, as this will help you choose your potential career. Your CBSE 10th grade score will help you select your desired stream for further education. The course will cover the concepts of Mathematics in a structured and comprehensive manner.

The course offers students an easy method of studying and grasping the fundamentals of mathematics, which will help them perform better on standardised tests and lay a solid foundation for their future careers in the subject.

Our self-paced learning videos aim to help you thoroughly understand Real Numbers, a fundamental concept that lays the groundwork for advanced mathematical studies.


What Will You Learn?

  • Real Numbers


Course Features:

  • Aligned with the Latest NEP Policy: Our study materials align with the latest National Education Policy.
  • Engaging Video Lessons: High-quality, easy-to-follow videos designed to capture and retain learners’ attention.
  • Crafted by Subject Experts: Lessons designed by experienced educators specialising in Mathematics.

Benefits of Self-Paced Learning:

  • Flexible Learning: Master all the topics conveniently, with self-paced videos available anytime and anywhere.
  • Parental Involvement: Our course encourages active parental participation, ensuring you are an integral part of your child’s learning process.
  • Convenient Access: You can access the course anytime, anywhere, making learning easy and adaptable to your family’s schedule.

Join eKal Academy’s Grade 10 Mathematics course to build a strong foundation in Mathematics. Our engaging and comprehensive videos will help you master this essential topic, ensuring you are well-prepared for advanced mathematical studies. Enrol today and excel in mathematics!

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Class 10 – Mathematics
  • Instructor : eKal Academy
  • Lectures : 10
  • Duration : 10 weeks
  • Enrolled : 0 students

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