Career options with high salary in Aboard for Indian Students

Career options with high salary in Aboard for Indian Students
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Career options with high salary in Aboard for Indian Students


The number of Indian students who study abroad has been steadily increasing over the years. This should be familiar to you. Why? Because such students are driven by a quest for quality education, personal growth, and better career opportunities, they always prefer overseas career options.

Are you an Indian student and looking for lucrative career opportunities abroad? In this case, this guide post will significantly help. Here, we shall discuss some of the best-paid career paths for Indian students in foreign countries in 2023.

So, let’s begin exploring!

8 High-Paying International Jobs for Indian Graduates

1.    Marketing Manager

Marketing management is one of the well-paying job fields for Indian students studying abroad. If you are interested in business and love creating strategies, this career field is best. The demand for Marketing Managers in foreign markets is high. So, as a marketing manager in foreign countries like Canada, the United States, and the UK, you will earn lucrative salary packages.

The primary role of marketing managers is to plan and promote marketing strategies for their company. These professionals also study market trends and manage advertising campaigns to drive sales and revenue into the business/organization.


  • BA and MA in marketing or business administration
  • A clear understanding of Digital Marketing
  • Team management skills
  • Literacy in the English Language
  • In-depth expertise in using digital marketing tools

National Average Salary:

$75,479 per annum

2.    UX Experience Designer

If you are looking for high-salary employment opportunities for Indian students abroad, UX experience designer is one of the best pick-ups. Suppose you are fluent with computers and enjoy learning skills relevant to UX experience design. The career prospects for you will be rewarding abroad.

Regarding the job role, a User Experience (UX) designer is treated as a web developer who creates user-friendly interfaces for apps and websites. They also analyze whether the users enjoy a seamless experience with several digital platforms.


  • BA in graphic design, computer science, or interaction design
  • BSc User Experience (UX) Design Course
  • Good skills in using various design software
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

National Average Salary:

$ 54,588 to $102,614 per annum

3.    Software Engineer

The United States, Israel, and other European countries pay the best for software engineers in 2023. So, a career in this domain can be among the top wage careers abroad for Indian students. Such candidates who choose a career in Software engineering can be hired for various roles—for example, software analyst, research engineer, architect, etc.

Software engineers are professionals responsible for planning out and handling several software applications. As a software engineer, you must use mathematical and computer science skills and concepts to develop software systems. You will also troubleshoot programming errors and improve the already-developed software.


  • BA/MA in Software Engineering, CS, or information technology
  • Expertise in the process of Software Development
  • Proficiency in programming languages, i.e., Java, Python, etc.
  • 3 – 4 years of experience in Tech Companies

National Average Salary:

$100,000 to $ 120,000 per annum

4.    Pilot

The pilot is another globally sought-after profession. In 2023, a career as a pilot is counted under high-remuneration jobs overseas for Indian students. As a pilot, you will get excellent earning potential. The primary role here is operating aircraft and transporting passengers and goods from one location to another.

International pilots are in huge demand because these professionals work with global commercial airlines and international transportation companies. They also monitor aircraft systems and assess if the aircraft is safe for take-off. Indian students must try building a career here.


  • BA in Aeronautical Science or any other subject
  • Pilot training from a recognized aviation university
  • Have required certifications, i.e., commercial pilot’s license (CPL) and an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

National Average Salary:

$104,000 to $121,000 per annum

5.    Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineering is among the best-paid career paths for Indian students in foreign countries. Students interested in working with problem-solving skills and critical thinking can opt for this career domain. As a Petroleum Engineer, you must apply these skills to keep various aspects of the oil and gas industry functioning well.

In countries like Canada, Norway, South Arab, etc., the demand for Petroleum engineers is surging. A career here will be very lucrative. These professionals’ essential role is to design oil extraction plans and create new equipment for storing, refining, transporting petroleum, etc. Petroleum engineers also play a vital role in the energy sector.


  • BA degree in petroleum engineering from a recognized University
  • Bachelor’s degree in civil, chemical, mechanical, chemical field (if not 1st, then go with this)
  • Strong knowledge of extraction techniques and drilling
  • Technical, Problem-solving, Numerical, and teamworking skills

National Average Salary:

$63,700 and $122,000 per annum

6.    Cybersecurity Specialist

You will agree that in the present time, there is an increasing reliance on technology. Hence, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand both in India and abroad. A career in the cybersecurity field is considered among the top-wage careers abroad for Indian students. So, if you have a passion for IT security, opt for this rewarding job role.

Cybersecurity specialists are professionals who work for organizations and protect them from cyber threats. They use their skills to protect computer systems and networks from damage or unauthorized access. As cybersecurity specialists, Indian students can get lucrative career options in government, healthcare, finance, and education industries.


  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degrees degree in cybersecurity or CS
  • Complete Proficiency in cybersecurity tools
  • Knowledge of programming language, networks, and software development methodologies
  • Strong problem-solving and technical skills
  • Well-organized skills to interpret complex data

National Average Salary:

$83,841 to $111,000 per annum

7.    Financial Analyst

Looking for high-salary employment opportunities for Indian students abroad? How could you miss on financial analysts? A career as a financial analyst in the present time is a high-paying option for Indians. To build a successful career in this domain, you must have an interest and Proficiency in financial markets. Also, if you had commerce as a significant subject in +2, it would greatly help.

Financial Analysts are responsible for helping organizations meet their financial goals. They do so by analyzing financial data sets. These professionals even propose strategies to help businesses reach their targets and profit. Financial analysts research the market, create financial documents, and propose tactics to multiply revenue and divide expenses properly.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Critical thinking with in-depth analytical skills
  • A clear understanding of the economics and finance domain

National Average Salary:

$69,887 per annum

8.    Foreign Language Teacher

If you are interested in teaching, there are many well-paying job fields for Indian students studying abroad. Among them, a foreign language teacher is the best option. In this profession, you will instruct students in a second language. The job also involves helping students acquire skills and fluency in foreign languages.

Students desperate for exciting and high-paying jobs can consider foreign language teaching a rewarding career, especially in 2023.


  • BA degree in Foreign Language, Linguistics
  • A clear understanding of the culture associated with language
  • Teaching aptitude and native-level fluency

National Average Salary:

$ 61,988 to $ 79,999 per annum


So, these were some of the high-remuneration jobs overseas for Indian students. Students are required to read about each career carefully. One can easily earn attractive salary packages after analyzing the salary and eligibility criteria. Also, doing a job in a foreign comes with increased chances for personal and professional growth.

All the best!

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