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About eKal

eKal Academy is a digital learning initiative of Kalorex Group (26 years of legacy in education), eKal Academy – a Digital teaching platform enabling LIVE & interactive classes offering Individual and Group programs. eKal academy caters to Classes KG to XII preparing students for CBSE curriculum based learning and Skill enhancement, Continuous Professional Development for lifelong learners.

Popular Courses

Class 10 - Physics



₹ 2810

Class 10 - Mathematics



₹ 6750

Class 10 - Biology



₹ 2810

Why eKal?

School Benefits

Experience the future-ready classroom support

  • Technology/ Digital Advantage – Most advance & intuitive digital learning & assessment platform
  • Highly qualified & experienced teachers – All digital programs have been designed & executed by qualified & experienced teachers.
  • Cost advantage through end-to-end digital learning support with qualified teachers.

Student Benefits

Students get eKal Advantage in many ways:

  • Gets an opportunity to learn from the best teachers.
  • Improvement in the school exams
  • Improved conceptual understanding
  • Personalized learning
  • Complete digital learning package: Video lectures, live classes, class presentations, lesson planner, performance tracking, quizzes.
  • Widest syllabus coverage
  • Deep content library

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